Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Me “Rafiq Ibn Zaman” is a freelance consultant, service provider Dot Com entrepreneur, blogger, web designer and a Project consultant from Bangladesh, who is working as a freelance consultant at SolutionsHunter. At past I was a banker and start-up my job at “IBBL”; than changed to “SEBL” and resigned from job and worked for non-bank financial institution as Regional Manager and was involved in many small startups in family business.
Early life and study
1965, The year is well known for the devastating war between India and Pakistan. I was born in the then Comilla now called B.Baria. I was the first child and this is one of the reasons why I get a little bit attention in my family. My father is a Govt. officer and this is why we had to move place to place each year.
From the childhood, I was gifted with good educational environment. I was fond of learning new things and giving away my toys to the kids who plays with me. Spent a lot of my life near about twenty+ years at Chittagong where I tested the ups and downs of my life.
At the age of 15, I saw MacGyver movie and loved the movie so much that I almost watched the movie hundreds of times by then. Till then I still love the movie and watch it with the same excitement. It became a part of my childhood and the way I grew up.
At 1981, I failed to get admitted any suitable institution and at last I got chance to Khulna Engineering College and I was admitted to there. The first semester was really hard for me and I had bad grades. At that time I realized that I had a good grip in English. I never studied for English exams and I always got A and A+ grade exceptionally in English.
to be continued........


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